Journal of Spatial Hydrology (JOSH)
JOSH LogoJOSH is a Bi-Annual publication of the American Spatial Hydrology Union, Inc (ASHU). The primary objective of JOSH is to provide a wide array of peer reviewed scientific research publications. The publications of JOSH are dedicated to on-going research in Earth Sciences. The electronic publication will provide a unique opportunity of combining text with audio and visual aids for producing quality presentation in a quick and easy fashion. However, there is no intention to replace customary publication of research articles. JOSH is a multi-media electronic journal and each issue will have no more than 5 to 10 papers. Publications will be interdisciplinary in nature focusing on applied aspects of in GIS, Remote Sensing and Earth Sciences. Visit JOSH now!

Welcome to our Spatial Hydrology website - your gateway to GIS, GPS, hydrologic modeling and remote sensing community. It is the most comprehensive collection of resources for all the hydrologists out there, whether they are beginner students or professionals, tackling with real world problems/challenges with GIS and related spatial information technologies.

Our website provides news and information to help readers plan their projects, finding database, and keeping up with dynamic behavior of technology. It also helps keeping informed about the current as well as changing trends and policies of this fields. We have listed ample resources of database on global level related to glossaries, books, grants, jobs, organizations, software, on-line professional courses etc. We also provides the newest arrivals on hardware/software and professional services provided and utilized by professionals.

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